Shwapnojatra, a Dream Project of the Initiator & Ambala Foundation

Shwapnojatra is a Dream Project and a Philanthropic Initiative for the Poor Meritorious Students to continue their Education. Ambala Foundation takes all the Educational Responsibilities of students – After Primary Education to the last of their Education.

An Unique Education Support System

Shwapnojatra is a need based education support and philanthropic initiative for poor students to fulfill their higher education. Shwapnojatra was initiated in 2019 and it is a dream project of Ambala Foundation. This program basically targeted to those who are poor students of the country. It aims to support them to continue their education from primary to higher level of education.

Currently we have 140 (96 male and 46 female) students from 122 educational institutions of Bangladesh. We are providing need based educational support like Session, Tuition and Examination fee; Book, Khata, Pen/Pencil, School Uniform, Tiffin, Transportation, etc.

Our Vision

Our Mission



To contribute the sustainable development goals as well as the government’s strategic plans through providing support in education.

  • To provide need based educational support for poor students from secondary level till the end of their educational journey
  • Create a sustainable educational model where graduated employed students enhance their helping hand for the betterment of poor meritorious students
  • Linkage development for professional engagement and sustainability

Our Impact

“Sweet Words from Our Well Wishers”

If you have any confusion about Shwapnojatra, simply silent for a moment and look into the eye of those poor students, whose dreams are come into reality? You can answer all of your questions.
M Azizur Rahman
Former Secretary and Chief Information Commissioner
I am pleasantly surprised after seeing Shwapnojatra model which includes, quality education, provisions for extracurricular activities & counseling. Without a doubt, these innovative approaches can ensure quality education of poor disadvantaged students
AKM Mostafizur Rahman
Director, NRBC Bank LTD
Shwapnojatra is one of the great moves for the young generation of Bangladesh. The vision and mission of Shwapnojatra ensure that lot of underprivileged students get access to education and the opportunity to improve their lives
ASM Atiqur Rahman
Professor, ISWR, Dhaka University

Our Proud Working Partners