Shwapnojatra is a Dream Project to support the Poor Disadvantaged Students (After Primary Level to last of their Higher Education). Educated People can change their family as well as can change the economy of the country. Thus Shwapnojatra will create positive impact to the society. The Executive Director of Ambala Foundation Mr. Arif Sikder is the initiator of this project.

The project is aimed to contribute the sustainable development goals as well as the government’s strategic plans through providing support in education. This project basically targeted to those who are poor students of the country. It aims to support them to continue their education from secondary level to higher level of education.

Ambala Foundation is a noble initiative of some young energetic change seekers of  Bangladesh who dedicated their life to help the impoverished people of Bangladesh. The organization hopes to break the shackle of poverty through the micro-credit, social development programs,  education and rebuilding of our nation. It facilitates happiness to the people together. Ambala Foundation is the Mother Organization who is implementing the Shwapnojatra Project.

  • To provide need based educational support for poor students till the end of their educational journey
  • Create a sustainable educational model where graduated employed students enhance their helping hand for the betterment of poor meritorious students
  • Linkage development for professional engagement and sustainability

Shwapnojatra was dreamed and initiated by Mr. Arif Sikder, the honorable Executive Director of Ambala Foundation.  Mr. Arif Sikder is one of the visionary change maker of Bangladesh. He and his different initiatives have created significant impact to the Bangladeshi society especially to the marginal poors.

Shwapnojatra started its journey in 2019 when the founder Mr. Arif Sikder dreamed  to assist the poor students for their educational expanses. He consulted with his colleagues, friends and well wishers for different scopes, opportunities and challenges. Then he initiated the project. 

Poor Students who’s family are unable to bear their children educational expenses and the student who have strong desire to complete their education can get support through the Shwapnojatra project. S/He or her/his guardian can contact the Shwapnojatra team. Generally the Ambala Foundation team is organizing the process. Shwapnojatra has specific form to apply. Please collect the form and submit to us.

Shwapnojatra was primarily started from Munshiganj district and now it is expanding all over Bangladesh. Shwapnojatra is providing need based Higher Educational Support for poor students. Ambala Foundation is supporting Shwapnojatra till the beginning of this initiative.

Shwapnojatra as well as the mother organization Ambala Foundation is  a Non-Profit development initiative in Bangladesh. We are very welcoming for everyone who want to work with us and make partnership. Please contact us for any questions about us. You can donate the project or can discuss with us for any specific partnership scopes.